Dreaming of Trinidad

14 03 2012

One trip, Two vacations


Unintentional Cricket Troll

5 03 2012


Looney Tunes

22 09 2010

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6 09 2010

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Onions Peeled Off by Back Injury

4 09 2010

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Original idea from V

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Boom Goes the Dynamite

3 09 2010

These set of pictures originally published at BCC!

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Nightlife at the Cricketcouch Household

24 08 2010

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All Day I Dream About Spinners

23 08 2010

Shane "adidas" Warne

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Cook Escaping the Gallows

21 08 2010

With the whole world waiting (not so much with abated breath) for the walking wicket of Alistair Cook to fall in the 2nd innings of the third test match between England and Pakistan, Cook nudged, edged and somehow survived to score a century while the other more celebrated teammates of his collapsed in a heap. This at least buys him a ticket to Australia this winter. 

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Indian Bowling Infirmary

19 08 2010

The Indian bowlers, especially of the fast (Ahem.. medium) variety have been dropping off like flies. Zaheer Khan had some shoulder injury, Sreesanth, besides showing signs of chronic head trauma, did something to his ankles (not from break dancing I hope) and Ishant, being generally not able to find the words line and length in the dictionary, in addition to other serious stuff. But No Dengue, we are happy to announce.

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