Meet the Doodlers

Missus Cricket Couch does not know the first thing about Cricket. Mister Cricket Couch is obsessed with the game. Mr. CC talks about the game incessantly and Mrs. CC gives a patient hearing. Mrs. CC has the talent for sketches and doodles. Mr. CC comes up with an idea for the cartoon strip and does a decent photoshop job. Together, Mister and Missus Cricket Couch will bring you their warped take on all things Cricket. Enjoy! Come back soon. We doodle a lot.

Missus Cricket Couch likes to blog about nature and environment

Mister Cricket Couch likes to blog about, well, Cricket.

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2 responses

1 09 2010
Madhav / Harshad

This is the superb blog for all the cricket lovers.

22 09 2010

Thanks Madhav

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